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Pain Management


Studies have proven the effectiveness of hypnosis as part of a treatment program for a number of psychological and medical ailments. These studies show that hypnosis has the ability to alter the psychological components of illness and pain. 

The anticipation, stress, anxiety, anger, and sadness of chronic pain can cause the symptoms of pain to increase and flare up more frequently.  

Let Rebecca Zayas, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist help you understand this mind-body connection and navigate new pathways to restore comfort and ease in mind and body. 

*Before using hypnosis for pain management, the State of Florida requires a referral by a doctor. Results may vary from Person to Person. Referrals can be faxed to 407-830-7821.

Call Today for your free consultation: 407-490-0103

Call Today for your free consultation: 407-490-0103