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Regression in Hypnosis FAQS


Q: What is regression? 

 A: Regression in hypnosis means to regress or to go back to an earlier time. Regression is a focused guided return to an earlier time in your life. 

Q:  Why do regression? 

A:  Under the age of 10, our belief systems are built and become our sub-conscious mind

95% of what we do, how we react, what we believe about ourselves is carried out in the subconscious.

According to Bruce Lipton Ph.D., and author of The Power of the Subconscious Mind, the only two ways to change beliefs held in the subconscious are, hypnotherapy or repetition.  What a child learns with a child's mind isn't always a true perception.  A child may take blame for adults arguing or may internalize what a parent says about them or about what they are and aren't able to do. Regression goes to the root cause and rewires the belief so you can rewrite your story.

Q: Is it scary: 

A:  Regression takes you to the place your mind already wants to go. Limiting and hurtful patterns repeat because of the faulty programming. You are fully in control and aware at all times. Childhood memories are sometimes suppressed to protect the mind but what is scary to a child while they are living it stays in the subconscious until it is revisited and released as an adult. A giant dog barking at a 3 foot tall child is terrifying but a paralyzing fear of dogs as an adult isn't a good solution. Releasing that fear through regression therapy frees the adult from the old trauma. regression in hypnosis