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Rebecca Zayas Hypnosis

Rebecca Zayas Hypnosis, Hypnosis in Orlando


"Rebecca is the greatest! The hypnotherapy session was by far the most relaxing experience I have ever had. Although it was emotional at some points I was not at all overwhelmed. It was truly amazing.  I listen to our recorded session at least once a day and it helps me organize my thoughts as well as cope with my social anxiety and depression. Because of Rebecca I feel great and I encourage everyone to try this. I am not big on therapy or counseling but seeing Rebecca really was one of the greatest decisions I ever made for myself.  I thank her times a million for what she has done for me. "

Garrett Bel
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

"If you're even curious or wondering if hypnosis could  work for you and are on this site thinking about it, I want to tell you  to just Go For It.
Rebecca and the work she does is exceptional. She  takes the time to listen and understand your concerns. Having gone to her for a couple of sessions to deal with my self worth/fears and  personal conflicts -hypnosis allowed me to feel, see, and believe in the  changes I wanted for myself. Rebecca gives you the tools to succeed if  you want them. Do this for yourself and make an appointment, you wont  regret it : )   It was a great experience seeing her!"

Lissette Perez
*Disclaimer:Results may vary from person to person

"Whatever I thought hypnosis was, I was wrong. I was  pleasantly surprised with my sessions. Something real and wonderful  happened every time I met with Rebecca.   I felt safe and comfortable working with her. This works!"

Zak McCormack
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

"I was looking for a natural way to help cope with  anxiety & stress so I inquired and was referred to Rebecca by a trusted friend. My session with her helped me tremendously by identifying & dealing directly with the feelings causing my  symptoms. Since our amazing session, I am now practicing self hypnosis regularly at home on my own which is a new practice for me. I can honestly say my anxiety & stress have decreased measurably without medication & I have complete confidence referring all of my friends  & family members to Rebecca for an alternative to traditional  medicine! THANK YOU Rebecca for sharing your gift with me & helping  to improve the quality of my life !"

Cindy Allen Bell
*Disclaimer:Results may vary from person to person

"Rebecca explained the process to me and I had a Childhood Regression Hypnotherapy Session. In 2 hours, I was able to  release a trauma that I had stored for 34 years and finally be free of what I couldn't even see before! It wasn't easy, was a bit painful, but her calm voice carried me through. I feel happier on a deep lever and am  so grateful!!! I highly recommend her life-changing work!"

Doe Zantamata
*Disclaimer:Results may vary from person to person

"I wanted to try Hypnotherapy as a tool to help me  with my self-limiting beliefs. These concerned "aging" and "finding a new career." During the session with Rebecca, she gently questioned me about my fears, blocks, and self limiting beliefs.  In place of those emotionally charged words, she drew out of my  consciousness, my own version of my best self and highest aspirations.  The process was comfortable and I went deep within. I have used positive affirmations before, but these phrases, MY OWN WORDS, went deep into my  consciousness.  When the session was over, Rebecca gave me a recording of my  Hypnotherapy session. I use this recording frequently to solidify my  vision of my true self. Overall, it was a very comfortable experience, and it gave me the tools I needed to conquer my self limiting beliefs."

Elizabeth RT (R) MR
*Disclaimer:Results may vary from person to person

"Professional and caring" Brenda Hodge

"Hello Rebecca, I wanted to drop you a note and thank you so much for our hypnotic session In what seemed like no time at all you were able to find the true cause of my feeling so uptight,  constrained and locked into a certain mode of thinking. All of this, of course, had been over the years transferred to my personal relationships  with family and friends. I am so happy to say that clearing these  thoughts and beliefs not only takes such a weight off of me and frees me  to enjoy every day so much more, it has brought me immensely closer  with those family and friends, made me more outgoing and accepting of  people in general and just "more free" to be the person I've always  wanted to be but was never able to get there on my own. I cannot put a  price on what you have given me."
Paul J Amo
*Disclaimer:Results may vary from person to person


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